Soil Testing

For no charge, we will gladly test up to two soil samples for our customers to let them know that their PH level is. All we need is one tablespoon of dry soil to test, and we can let you know what the results are. We also give recommendations of lime applications, if it is needed. Lime helps grass utilize fertilizers more efficiently for a fuller and greener lawn.


It’s also good to know PH levels of gardens, especially when growing blueberries and raspberries, which prefer a more acidic soil (lower PH).

Bring us a sample and let us help you today.



Delivery is available for any item purchased, for a fee. Delivery charge depends on what town you live in.




We fill up to a 40 lb propane tank. 

A new state law prohibits us to fill 100 lb tanks. 

No tanks over 12 years will be filled.



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